Yidi Wang


My research interests lie broadly in algebra, focusing on the intersection with algebraic and arithmetic geometry. I am in particular interested in the local aspects and the local-global principles of algebraic objects. Recently, I also started thinking about the arithmetic of stacky curves.

Publications and Preprints

  1. Patching for ‌étale algebras and the period-index problem for higher degree Galois cohomology groups over Hensel semi-global fields. 25 pages. Submitted. 2023 Preprint available at arXiv:2310.20119.
  2. Cohomology for Picard-Vessiot theory. Joint with Man Cheung Tsui. Journal of Algebra,vol 658 (2024) 49-72. Also available at arXiv:2308.03025.
  3. Arithmetic invariant theory of reductive groups. 21 pages. Submitted. 2023 Preprint available at arXiv:2212.12863.


  1. Zero-cycles on stacky curves. Joint with Caleb Ji. In progress.
  2. Local-global principles for integral points on stacky curves. Joint with Juanita Duque-Rosero, Christopher Keyes, Andrew Kobin, Manami Roy, Soumya Sankar. In progress.
  3. A local-global principle for differential torsors. In progress.